Magnasense – The Company

The Unique Platform

Magnasense Technologies platform for lateral-flow immunochromatographic tests have improved sensitivity and precision compared to conventional lateral-flow tests. Utilization of antibodies labelled with paramagnetic particles, results in a robust, affordable, portable, easy to use and flexible instrument.

Magnasense Technologies’ multifunctional open-platform is applicable to many areas from Point-of-Care testing in humans and veterinary use to food safety and environmental applications.

Based on Solid Scientifical Background

Magnasense Technologies originated from the world leading nanotechnology centre at the University of Jyväskylä. The expertise of physicists, biologists and electronical engineers has been combined to create a patented, novel, point-of-care lateral flow (immuno-chromatographic) assay system utilising paramagnetic nanoparticles as labels.

By utilising a solid-state magnetometer, the reader is simplified and the need for light sources and optics is eliminated. This makes the reader robust, reduces costs and eliminates many of the problems associated with point-of-care testing. Utilising paramagnetic labelling means that the whole reaction volume is read, not just the surface, as in optical methods, potentially increasing the signal by a factor of ten with increased assay sensitivity and reproducibility.

Improving Quality of Life through Fast, Accurate and Affordable Point‑of‑Care Testing

If you have a need for high performance and affordable PoC system,
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