Magnia® Reader

The Magnia® Reader is a sensitive, precise, easy-to-use, low-cost magnetometer for use with immunochromatographic magnetic assays.

Magnetic immunoassays (MIAs) have many advantages, in particular the high sensitivity and precision with which magnetism can be measured and the fact that the full thickness of the lateral flow strip is read (not just the surface). However, most magnetometers require that the test cartridges and reading zones have specific geometries to be readable. This increases the cost of the tests, reduces flexibility in assay development and may lock the user to a specific supplier.

The Magnia® reader is free from these restrictions, enabling assay developers to enjoy the advantages of MIA while being able to continue with their existing research, development and manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, the Magnia® reader is small, light-weight, battery powered and robust making it very suitable for any situation where a rapid, sensitive, precise immunoassay is required.

The Magnia® reader is extremely easy to use, the end user needs only to insert the test cartridge and press Measure.

Benefits of the Magnia® Reader:

  • Usable with most industry-standard lateral flow cassettes
  • Measures full thickness of lateral flow strip
  • 3 second reading time
  • Sensitive, detects:
    • 2 ng of magnetite
    • Attomole (10-18) range of binding proteins
  • Repeatibility better than 2%
  • 4-log dynamic range
  • Ideal for point-of-care / field testing:
    • Lightweight
    • Small footprint
    • Battery powered, alt. 110/240 AC
    • Portable
    • Robust
    • Minimal maintenance
  • Connectable to Laboratory Information System
  • Customizable and / or closable by software
  • Compatible with Magnia® range of tests and assays
  • Both immunoassays and gene-probe tests can be read.
  • CE – marked

Product Code:

  • M8001 Magnia® Reader

Magnia® is a registered trademark of Magnasense Technologies Oy

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