Benefits of Magnasense Technologies’ System

The Magnasense Technologies System enables low cost, user friendly sensitive, precise, immunoassays to be developed

Magnetic Immunoassay Testing

  • Very flexible technique
    • Any antibody can be used
    • Sandwich or competitive assays
    • Particles can be activated and coated in many ways
  • Inexpensive reagents   
    • Paramagnetic particles are available from many suppliers
  • No development reagents required.   
    • Cost saving
  • No optics or light sources required   
    • Simpler reader, Easier manufacture,
    • Cost saving
  • Signal transferred directly to reader’s electronics   
    • No development steps required
    • Simpler manufacture.
  • Rapid assays
    • 3-15 minutes
  • The entire reaction volume is read simultaneously
    • Greatly increased sensitivity
  • Biological materials lack background magnetism
    • Very low background and great sensitivity
  • Wide dynamic range
    • Both low and high concentrations can be studied with the same procedure.
    • Time, labour and cost saving
  • The final signal is stable
    • Samples can be re-read