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Oral Health

Revolutionizing Oral Health Monitoring

The pivotal connection between oral health and overall systemic well-being has gained increasing recognition among dentists and physicians. However, a significant gap in oral health literacy persists, extending beyond basic hygiene practices for the majority of patients.

Enter Magnasense's groundbreaking platform, designed to empower patients with a comprehensive understanding of their oral health by measuring key inflammation biomarkers in saliva. Distinguishing itself from conventional oral health testing, Magnasense's solution eliminates the need for sending samples to external labs, delivering rapid in-house results. Housed in a compact device easily integrated into the routine workflow of a dental visit, our platform facilitates seamless incorporation into clinic settings.

Presenting clear and digital results, our platform equips dentists to quantitatively illustrate necessary adjustments to dental care, fostering heightened patient comprehension and adherence. Beyond the clinic, patients can effortlessly utilize the platform at home, enabling autonomous monitoring of their wellness through oral health.

Magnasense is at the forefront of transforming oral health monitoring, making it accessible, efficient, and enlightening for both clinicians and patients alike. Join us in revolutionizing oral health care for a healthier future.

Health Check. Precision. Simplicity. 

Our platform makes precision diagnostic testing and monitoring as easy as brushing your teeth

oral health

Unlocking a spectrum of possibilities, our innovative product platform enables the creation of integrated, user-friendly saliva-based tests for personalized diagnostics and monitoring.

Wide range of testing options

oral health

Oral Health

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