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Precision for your health simplified

We are empowering and enabling individuals to take control of the management of their health.

Welcome to Magnasense, where we lead an era of accessible healthcare. Our innovative saliva-based diagnostics empower individuals and healthcare professionals, redefining ease, accuracy, and convenience. Fuelled by innovation, our cutting-edge solutions bridge the gap between precision and simplicity, revolutionizing health monitoring and management. With Magnasense, you wield the power of reliable, user-friendly diagnostics, transforming healthcare one test at a time.

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“As CEO, I'm excited to lead our legacy of bringing healthcare closer to you. With decades of dedication, we're now focusing on a ground breaking opportunity: saliva testing for both professional and home use.

Our emphasis is on preventative (oral health) and chronic disease solutions (TDM). We're driven by the belief that early detection is key to overall well-being. Our simple and accurate saliva testing aims to revolutionize healthcare.

Whether for professionals or at-home use, our solutions empower individuals and healthcare providers with timely, personalized information. Join us in shaping a healthier future through innovation and accessibility.”

Marco Witteveen,
President and CEO Magnasense AB (former AegirbioAB)

Health Check. Precision. Simplicity. 

Our platform makes precision diagnostic testing and monitoring as easy as brushing your teeth

oral health

Unlocking a spectrum of possibilities, our innovative product platform enables the creation of integrated, user-friendly saliva-based tests for personalized diagnostics and monitoring.

Wide range of testing options

oral health

Oral Health

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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Infectious diseases

Infectious Diseases