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Health Check.
Precision. Simplicity.

We're developing a comprehensive at-home diagnostic platform and a suite of tests tailored for the evolving digital health landscape. Our main objective is to democratize healthcare testing, simplifying at-home testing to a level similar to daily routines. This involves a user-friendly saliva collection device resembling a toothbrush, equipped with magnetic test strips and a base reader for an intuitive and non-invasive approach to sample collection and test initiation.

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4 steps for a better health

Our Technology - Step 1

Collect saliva sample with easy-grip foam

Our Technology - Step 2

Test vial contains solid buffer and magnetic test strip with integrated sensor

Our technology - Step 3

Reader functions with or without app Audible and visual results (Pos or Neg)

Our technology - Step 4

Digital IFU and instructional app for mobile and desktop

Key Features

User-friendly experience

  • Designed for instinctive and non-invasive use, enabling effortless sample collection.
  • Test activation requires simple, non-precise movements, eliminating the need for fine motor skills.

Accessibility-Centric Design

  • Packaging features high-contrast colours, tactile markers, and QR/NFC codes for independent use.
  • Instructions presented through large visual aids, textual content, and video guides for easy comprehension.
  • Application optimized for digital assistants and Bluetooth Braille devices.

IoT Connectivity

  • Interfaces via secure and standardized IoT connectivity, linking to a smartphone app and a cloud platform.
  • Allows for device instructions, test result analysis, and user support, ensuring preferred result format accessibility.
  • Audible cues, flashing lights, and vibration on the base unit provide information even without connectivity.

Healthcare Integration

  • Seamlessly integrates with laboratory information systems, digital health platforms, and healthcare providers.
  • Accessible through a standard web browser for real-time collaboration and data privacy (GDPR and HIPPA compliance).

Maturity Level

  • Presently in the developmental phase with significant progress in early-stage design.
  • Committed to advancing the platform to a state of maturity and market readiness

Potential Impact

  • Aims to revolutionize at-home testing by merging saliva-based diagnostic technology with a user-friendly digital platform.
  • Strives to make testing as straightforward as a daily routine, addressing historical exclusion of individuals with visual or motor impairments

Wide range of testing options

oral health

Oral Health

Patient at the hospital with daughter

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Infectious diseases

Infectious Diseases