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About Us

Our organization is at the forefront of a groundbreaking initiative focused on creating an innovative digital self-test platform. This platform is meticulously designed to empower individuals, to take charge of their health with unparalleled convenience and inclusivity. Our mission is deeply rooted in acknowledging the distinctiveness of each individual and the pivotal significance of offering accessible health monitoring across a diverse range of health conditions.

Magnasense is now building its business around technologies for:

  • Laboratory developed tests, for the follow-up of patients during treatment with biological drugs
  • Point-of-Care, quantitative near-patient tests for routine control in clinics and health centers
  • Point-of-Need and rapid tests, quantitative home tests for chronic diseases and rapid tests for indicative and rapid test results

Our Mission

Magnasense’s MISSION is to develop accessible biomarker assay technologies by making diagnostic testing as easy as brushing your teeth and empowering people to monitor health and improve treatment in the comfort of their homes.

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Our Culture

Working for Magnasense means being part of a culture that is ambitious, supportive, and courageous. We thrive on the exchange of insights, solving challenges efficiently as a united team. Our members are not only talented and driven, but also dedicated to continuous learning, acting as both mentors and students, pushing one another to excel. We take pride in celebrating each other's victories and recognizing those who consistently go the extra mile.

At Magnasense, we are more than just colleagues - we are COACHES. We empower, uplift, and stand by each other, offering mentorship and motivation. We believe in fostering PERSONAL GROWTH, demonstrating unparalleled proficiency, learning perpetually, and adapting swiftly. Ownership is ingrained in our ethos. We manage assets and risks, assuming responsibility, and innovate with an entrepreneurial spirit. Collaboration is our cornerstone. We freely share information and ideas, ensuring everyone benefits from our collective experiences, whether they stem from success or setbacks.

We are characterized by our GOOD-NATURED demeanour. We understand that genuine kindness leads to the most effective teamwork. An ANALYTICAL approach defines us. We meticulously gather and leverage data to chart the most direct path to success. TENACITY courses through our veins. We ardently pursue our business objectives, firmly believing that the effort we invest is directly proportional to our achievements.

At Magnasense, we are nothing short of REMARKABLE. We champion diversity, inclusivity, and respect, actively seeking out exceptional individuals within diverse groups. These values are the very essence of our mission-driven, innovative, and collaborative environment, shaping us into a team that continually strives for excellence.

Our History

Magnasense, was established in 2019 and develops and commercializes diagnostic tests. Initial key focus on monitoring and optimizing the dosing of biological drugs. The company has an international presence with establishments in Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom and United States.

LifeAssays AB founded.
Abreos Biosciences Inc. founded i USA.
Magnasense Technologies Oy is incorporated into LifeAssays AB through LifeAssays AB taking over all shares in Magnasense Technologies Oy.
A collaboration between LifeAssays AB and Abreos Biosciences Inc. is initiated, including verification of Veritope molecules on MagniaReader's Pointof-Care platform.
AegirBio AB is founded as a Joint Venture between LifeAssays AB and Abreos Biosciences Inc.
AegirBio AB is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth market in June. The company acquires Thyrolytics AB and Viraspec AB. As a consequence of the first acquisition, AegirBio gains access to patented technology for the diagnosis of thyroid-related diseases. The latter acquisition gives rise to the establishment of a new business vertical in rapid tests. AegirBio (UK) Ltd is founded.
AegirBio AB and LifeAssays AB adopt a merger plan according to which AegirBio AB will absorb LifeAssays AB. Through the merger, AegirBio will acquire the ownership of key technology that was previously in-licensed. The merger also provides access to LifeAssays AB's platform for simple and accurate home testing (Quantitative Disposable Analyses) and its sample processing technology (SampleX). AegirBio AB enters into an agreement with Abreos Sweden AB to acquire Abreos Biosciences Inc.
Aegirbio’s saliva covid antigen test Viraspec receives CE mark for self testing. Point of Care Magna Infliximab and Magnia Natalizumab receives CE.
Marco Witteveen is appointed CEO of AegirBio with a clear mission to find a way forward for the Company’s solid testing technology.

AegirBio's patented method correlates blood and saliva analyte levels, eliminating the need for invasive blood tests. AegirBio received a $1.2 million NIH RADx® Tech award to develop a digital self-test platform for individuals with disabilities, with potential phase 2 funding based on phase 1 success.
Dr. Adam S. Cheifetz and Professor Iain L.C. Chapple join AegirBio’s Scientific Advisory Board. The appointments bring a wealth of experience and expertise and will be key to AegirBio’s future strategy within therapeutic drug monitoring and oral health.