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In the realm of long-term biologic drug treatments, adhering to a "one size fits all" dosing approach can hinder treatment efficacy and elevate the risk of adverse effects. Shockingly, more than half of patients undergoing biologic drug regimens face unnecessary costs, disease progression, or an increased likelihood of severe side effects due to this generalized dosing paradigm.

The inherent diversity in individuals' immune systems and drug metabolism renders standardized dosing ineffective. Patients receiving identical standard doses of biological drugs can experience up to a 100-fold variation in drug levels.

Enter personalized precision dosing facilitated by therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). This innovative approach has proven to significantly enhance treatment outcomes across various indications treated with biologic drugs.

Magnasense revolutionizes TDM by bringing it directly into the clinician's office through our saliva-based platform, as opposed to the traditional blood-based methods conducted at third-party labs.

Seamlessly connected to a HIPAA-compliant app and clinicians' electronic medical records (EMR), our cloud-connected platform simplifies result sharing and viewing. With rapid results and user-friendly execution, Magnasense fosters real-time, impactful discussions about treatment management, enabling personalized dosing and thereby improving treatment outcomes.

Our initial focus centers on infliximab, a pivotal anti-TNFα biologic widely used in treating Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (collectively termed Inflammatory Bowel Disease, or IBD). We foresee our platform making a significant positive impact in this gastrointestinal disease, addressing the escalating demand for affordable, noninvasive proactive TDM.

Biologic drugs, employed in managing a growing array of chronic illnesses and cancers, constitute the fastest-growing segment of the pharmaceutical industry. Magnasense is committed to expanding our TDM menu to meet the increasing need for precision dosing across a broad spectrum of indications. Join us in advancing the era of personalized biologic drug therapy.

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Unlocking a spectrum of possibilities, our innovative product platform enables the creation of integrated, user-friendly saliva-based tests for personalized diagnostics and monitoring.

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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

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