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Brand Change Announcement: AegirBio AB has officially changed its name to Magnasense AB. The new website,, launched on 9 July 2024, with redirects from

Aegirbio AB Employee Brandon Steele As Its Chief Commercial Officer

Aegirbio is pleased to announce the addition of Brandon Steele to their Senior Management Team as Chief Commercial Officer. In this position he will be responsible for leading the company’s commercial breakthrough in the United States.

"This is a strategically important hire for Aegirbio” said Martin Linde, CEO of Aegirbio, in a statement. “Brandon’s prior experience in leading a diagnostic start-up to profitability within three short years is extremely valuable to us. As pandemic lockdowns are lifted in the United States he will be able to quickly start delivering on and accelerating our market position. We are on the verge of breakthroughs in both terms of Covid-19 testing and our core business of precisely dosing drugs.”

“Therapeutic drug monitoring is the next frontier in precision medicine” said Brandon Steele. “As drugs are increasingly directed towards only those patients who can benefit from them, further advances will rely on diagnostic tests that can reveal how well these targeted drugs are actually being metabolized. Aegirbio’s ability to precisely determine each patient’s drug levels will be crucial in minimizing drug toxicity, optimizing patient care, and lowering the cost of modern drug therapy.”

Steele most recently served as VP of Global Commercial Operations for Invivoscribe where he was responsible for launching many new NGS oncology tests to physicians, hospitals, and CLIA laboratories. Prior to his accomplishments there he held various senior management, sales, and marketing roles within IncellDx, Applied Imaging, Nanogen, Gen-Probe, and Bayer Diagnostics. Steele began his diagnostics career at Baxter International after advancing through a series of general management roles as a military officer. He received his B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.

About Aegirbio

Aegirbio is a Swedish diagnostics company offering tests to monitor and optimize the dosing of biological drugs by means of a unique, patented technology platform. Biological therapies is the fastest growing segment of the pharmaceutical industry; a quarter of all drugs are projected to be biological in 2020. At the same time, drug concentrations vary tremendously (up to 100 times) in patients that receive biological drugs in standard doses.

The result of this one size fits all-approach is that patients with low drug concentrations do not respond to treatment, while excessive drug concentrations increase the risk of adverse effects in others. The uncertainty surrounding dosing results in overdosing or underdosing in about 55 percent of the cases, which causes unnecessary costs and suboptimal clinical outcomes.

The Company's tests for optimal dosing of biological drugs will be focused on neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases and cancer. In the first quarter of 2020, Aegirbio initiated sales in the U.S. of the MoNATor test for the drug Tysabri, which is used for treatment of the neurological disorder Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Aegirbio’s goal is to launch a total of four tests before 2023. Diagnostics will be offered through laboratory testing as well as in the form of a P.O.C. (Point of Care) test for use in hospitals and health centres. The plan further includes P.O.N. (Point of Need) tests for use at home.

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