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Brand Change Announcement: AegirBio AB has officially changed its name to Magnasense AB. The new website,, launched on 9 July 2024, with redirects from

AegirBio AB has received payment of Tranche 2 of SEK 5.00 million from Atlas Special Opportunities, LLC

AegirBio AB (“AegirBio” or the “Company”) entered into a credit facility agreement on 9 April 2024 for an aggregate nominal amount of SEK 45.00 million before deduction of set-up fee (the “Loan Facility”) and transaction costs with Atlas Special Opportunities, LLC (“Atlas”). In accordance with the Loan Facility, the Company can call for loans in seven (7) tranches (hereinafter “Tranches” or each a “Tranche”). Today, the Company has received payment of Tranche 2 amounting to SEK 5.00 million before deduction of set-up fee and transaction costs. The Loan Facility accelerates the Company’s grant-funded RADx® project under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”) aimed at developing a digital multiplex self-testing platform for individuals with disabilities. A successful execution of the Company’s RADx® project will position the Company for potential additional grants from the NIH.

The Loan Facility

The Loan Facility consists of seven (7) Tranches with a total nominal amount of SEK 45.00 million. AegirBio has today received payment of Tranche 2 amounting to SEK 5.00 million before deduction of a set-up fee of SEK 0.50 million and transaction costs. Tranches drawn under the Loan Facility are interest-free and mature on 9 April 2027.

Atlas has the right to call for conversion of debt in directed issues of all or part of the nominal amount of the called Tranches and the transaction fee up to and including the maturity date. The minimum amount to convert is SEK 0.50 million. To facilitate the administration of the conversions, the parties have agreed that a new issue under the Loan Facility shall be made when Atlas has called for conversion in an aggregate amount of at least SEK 2.50 million or if the market value of the transaction fee shares is less than SEK 1.00 million. The Company will announce conversions to the market when Atlas has called for conversions that lead to a new share issue.

For more information on the Loan Facility, readers are referred to the press release dated 9 April 2024 (“AegirBio enters into a conditional agreement on a SEK 45 million loan facility with Atlas Special Opportunities and an agreement to amend the outstanding convertible bonds, subject to EGM approval”).

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Christel Dahlberg, CFO Aegirbio AB

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