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Brand Change Announcement: AegirBio AB has officially changed its name to Magnasense AB. The new website,, launched on 9 July 2024, with redirects from

Aegirbio has completed its first sale

Aegirbio, together with Abreos Biosciences, has started testing for personal follow-up of treatment of MS patients with Tysabri. The first samples from Dr. Foley have been tested this week.

There are currently approximately 16,000 patients treated with Tysabri in the United States. The treatment costs about $ 78,000 per patient per year. Aegirbio will now concentrate on the 40 to 50 major clinics responsible for the treatment of most of these 16,000 patients.

MoNator Tysabri is a test to determine the amount of active drug in the treated patient's blood and thus, for each individual, be able to set an optimal treatment. Tysabri is a very effective drug for the treatment of MS but overdose it causes very serious side effects. This, combined with how the drug is taken up varies from individual to individual, making the information from MoNator Tysabri crucial to the quality of life of many MS patients.

"Being able to take the first real commercial steps into this important market for Aegirbio is crucial now. Although COVID-19 has given some delays in the logistics chain, we have been able to take a test that can be crucial for MS patients' everyday lives in the market. Aegirbio will now roll out the tests to the larger clinics according to a defined plan, under the supervision of Abreos, our Partner in the US," says Anders Ingvarsson, acting CEO of Aegirbio

"This is a moment we've been waiting for. To see our first test with the Veritope technology commercialized and thus open the way for more efficient and safe care is very big for us at Abreos. We will now work focused on implementing the Tysabri test here in the United States while taking further tests for the exact dosing of biological drugs to the market together with Aegirbio" says Bradley Messmer, CEO and principal owner of Abreos Biosciences.

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