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Brand Change Announcement: AegirBio AB has officially changed its name to Magnasense AB. The new website,, launched on 9 July 2024, with redirects from

Aegirbio launches rapid test for COVID-19

Aegirbio is now ready to launch Viraspec Covid-19. The test is a saliva-based rapid test that is easy, quick and convenient to administer, without the discomfort of nasal swab testing. The consumer first collects saliva into a container containing a reagent, then pours the liquid onto the reagent stick. After a waiting period of five minutes, the result can be read from the stick, with a clear line indicating whether infection was detected. 

Thanks to the various measures implemented to limit the spread and the increasing rate of vaccination in the population, the number of infected individuals is decreasing. Nevertheless, there will still be unlimited applications for a simple and precise test. For a long time to come, workplaces, schools, events and, not least, travel agencies will want to verify COVID-19 infection status before allowing admission to concerts and other gathering places. It will also facilitate the containment of outbreaks at workplaces or in schools significantly.

The product will be CE marked for professional use, and Aegirbio has initiated the process to make the test available to everyone. This is the starting point of a broad roll-out and enables us to launch the product across a number of continents at the same time.

“That we as a company have been able to develop a competitive product, obtain CE marking and launch it widely is a tremendous sign of strength. The current market is practically insatiable, and our ambition is to identify distributors that can help us put the product on several different markets. The decline of COVID-19 is a very positive development, but it will not impact the great demand for simple rapid tests, which in our assessment will remain for a long time to come. In addition, we have a preparedness for other variants of virus and will be able act fast if such a need arises. Finally, I would like to once again highlight the development team at Aegirbio, who have worked around the clock to make this happen,” says Martin Linde, CEO.